Welcome to Plop Marketing

We are your ‘Marketing as a Service’ Agency for the manufacturing industry

We help you achieve greater reach, more visitors and therefore more conversions

We are the “Marketing as a Service” specialist
for the manufacturing industry.

How does this benefit you?

A bigger reach

More visitors

More engagement

Active website

Better ranking

More conversion

PLOP & de marketing uitdagingen

We understand the challenges of the marketing department within the manufacturing industry

Marketing within the business-to-business driven manufacturing industry can be challenging. We know these challenges:
1. How to increase product quality by developing innovative solutions.
2. How to increase company and brand awareness through targeted marketing campaigns.
3. How to create customer value through customer-centric strategies.
4. How to strengthen customer relationships through customer loyalty strategies.
5. How to ensure a reliable and continuous flow of leads at a respectful budget.

We are your markeitng partner. We help you get ‘more and targeted marketing’ through our expertise and experience in the manufacturing industry. Contact us today!

Plop Marketing services

We create , write and distribute relevant, engaging and inspiring content for your target audience on a monthly basis.

We understand that the manufacturing industry has a business-to-business sales focus. That marketing is supportive of that. That marketing can help by delivering as many leads as possible. Under a high pressure of time, budget and resources.
We understand that this is a challenge. And we can help in that.

Our services

We deliver monthly ‘Marketing as a Service’ in 5 steps:

What does our service deliver?

A more active website

Monthly new content on your website ensures an active seo policy and structure. This gives you an edge over your peers’ websites.

Better ranking

Because you post new content on your website every month, google sees you as a relevant and active site. This will be rewarded by a better organic ranking.

More visitors to your website

By higher ranking, you get more visitors to your site. And by posting the articles on your social media channels, you get more relevant visitors.

Better positioning as a thought leader

We write substantive and relevant articles, often also based on an interview with an expert, within your organisation or sometimes outside it. This strengthens your authority in your industry.

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