Digital Marketing Savvies….

Marketing is easy,
until you don’t have time for it (anymore)

At first, marketing seems simple:
You tell your message to your target audience.

But then you realise that developments and updated ways of ‘digital marketing’ do move very fast. And that you really need to make time for it. That is exactly what our digital marketing experts are energised and passionate about.

Energy from Complex Digitalisation

A good online marketing strategy and execution is not so easy these days if you do not keep abreast of digital developments. The way we do marketing now leans almost entirely on its online proposition and positioning. But who decides how that proposition comes into its own online and who decides where you can be found online? How do you influence this process and what are the consequences?

Getting our energy from gaining and sharing this knowledge. We love getting results in that with you.

Passion in variety of ‘channels’

Marketing is not really more than showing what you have, at the right time and to the right audience. What you sell is obvious, but how do you make sure it is shown at the right time, and then to the right interested party? Books have been written about that. We strip this jumble of possibilities down to the essentials. Keep it simple, credible and authentic.

Our passion is to make your story engaging for your target audience. Not by describing what you do, but by writing about what your target audience moves, experiences and witnesses.


Anouk is our life AI bot….eh…no of course not, Anouk is alive & kicking! Having completed her PPLE (Politics Psychology Law and Economics) studies in Amsterdam, she left for Australia, where she completed her Politics of Climate Change minor and Creative Writing. Anouk is now bilingual and with her creative mind she easily turns complex issues into workable solutions. This is very useful, because within Plop, as a Marketing Consultant, she is responsible for the ins and outs of our clients’ business and she also manages Plop’s own marketing policy….Wow!


Modesty adorns the man….in this case Lucas! Where he looks integer and introverted, he is the opposite in his analysis and humour. Lucas has a incredibly nice positive aura. If only I were like that….you might say. Wonderful! With a love of Business Administration (in Utrecht) and a passion for data, technology and innovation, he helps our clients gain more insight into their marketing performance: Lucas is building our own Marketing Intelligence Engine! Boy oh boy!


Adriaan thinks quite a lot about Marketing. So he knows quite a bit about it. Funny really, because his passion is music and writing. While studying Business Administration in Rotterdam, where real men come from, Adriaan wrote and sang a song that now has more than 230,000 streams. So it would not be crazy for Adriaan to join the Ploppers Band. But it has yet to be formed. As a Marketing Consultant, Adriaan will help companies get more ‘Thought Leadership’ and leads. How? I’d say give him a call….


Mischa dreams about Digital Marketing…ok…ok….nearly… Mischa knows a thing or two about that. Like how he built a wonderful company from nothing to everything during the corona era (that was a long time ago, right?). And also left it behind again. What a wonderful experience. Mischa does not stand still. Not even in the gym. And that is also why he loves it at Plop. To perpetuate our growth with fun inspiring clients and partners. And that is also what he is working on as Digital Business Development Expert. Mischa lives in Amsterdam and is still looking for a permanent padel club. Do you have any suggestions?


Mark eats articles…ehh….Mark is our communications expert, is analytical, creative, has a sharp pen, and stands for “no ‘blabla’ but ‘Aha!'”. Mark is our Content Director and therefore ultimately responsible for the quality, originality and uniqueness of all the content we write. Mark helps our journalists and our friends (we call our clients friends,…) define and convey their message. The buyer persona is central to this for him.


Steven eats digital for breakfast. ….ehh…no of course not…. Steven thinks marketing is just a great profession. He has a lot of experience in entrepreneurship, online marketing and digital media. He has had the opportunity to help a lot of companies in their marketing strategy and activation and in their transition to online marketing.

Marketing Advisors

The marketing profession is constantly evolving. To stay master of this stream of innovation and information, Plop Marketing has a number of consultants attached to it.


When Joachim is not working, he is in the air…because his girlfriend flies….almost, because Joachim is actually too busy for that. Joachim is part of Plop’s Advisory Board for the simple reason: He has been in the marketing & sales business for years. And in that, he has a wealth of experience ready for Plop. With a study in Groningen and many courses in digital marketing. In his spare time, he blows a saxophone, actually quite well, and gives tours of Amsterdam.

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