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“You have a wonderful innovative company within the healthcare sector. You have happy and satisfied customers. However, you want to grow: you have a lot of quality in-house, but not everyone knows it yet.

That’s when you need specialized marketing experts who thoroughly understand your sector, your services, your target audience, and the specific characteristics of the health sector (with its laws and regulations).

Plop Marketing has extensive knowledge and experience in the health sector and can help you achieve more Thought Leadership!”

What is *’Thought leadership’?

Thought leadership translates to intellectual leadership: through the creation and distribution of authentic articles leveraging your expertise, insight, and clinic experience, with the goal of sharing that wisdom with others. It is a form of content marketing where you and/or your institution or clinic become an authority within a specific domain. The result is societal relevance. Thought leadership is about creating value, building knowledge, and taking a stance.

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A few examples


The menopause is a natural stage in the life cycle of every woman. It marks the beginning of the menophase. Menophase, don’t you mean menopause? No, certainly not. At AAYA, we refer to it as a menophase because we believe that women in this life cycle are not standing still, but …(click on the link).


Have you ever heard of facial yoga? It’s a way to slow down skin aging without using products. By incorporating the right facial exercises into your routine, you can keep your skin looking youthful for as long as possible. Find out how facial yoga works here


A conversation in the consultation room can sometimes be fast-paced, with a lot of new information being discussed. This makes it difficult to remember everything that is said. According to a study by neuropsychologist Roy P.C. Kessels, patients retain only 80 percent of the information …(click on learn more).

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